U.E.C. Rowing Club is a not for profit organisation, created by William de Laszlo and Jim Bastin, who were driven by the desire to make the exciting and challenging sport of extreme Offshore and Ocean rowing a more accessible experience for all, to allow the ordinary take on the extraordinary.

  • The Club bears the brunt of the costs making it a more affordable and enjoyable experience.
  • We help link suitable individuals who are looking to join or create a team for Offshore and Ocean Rowing Races and Challenges.
  • We provide guidance and assistance to help teams achieve their goal.

The Club owns three Rossiter Ocean 3 Rowing Boats which are kept at the Club’s Boat House in Farlington, Portsmouth. This is just a few minutes from the slipway allowing easy access to the Solent for training sessions.

The boats are available for the club’s rowing teams to enter offshore rowing races and challenges, at agreed club rates, both in the UK and abroad.