Training Member

Annual membership £395.00 paid at point of entry.


  • Two days of ocean rowing orientation run by the club, including a row in one of the club boats from Northney Marina and a swim test.
  • A £100 discount on the cost of the first training course you sign up for through the club.
  • Priority access to training courses run by the Club.


  • Access the club’s facilities and equipment at agreed times. Note that additional charges apply for use of boats.
  • Social events and meet-ups with club members.
  • Discounted rates on training courses and qualifications organised through the club (including shore-based navigation, VHF, first aid and sea survival).
  • Opportunities to form and join crews with the aim of participating in ocean rowing events using club boats.

All Training Members MUST meet the following Requirements

1. Be over 21 years of age at point of becoming a Club member.

2. Must be medically fit to undertake extended physical endurance activity supported by a medical certificate or Doctor’s letter.

3. Must attend a swimming test arranged by the club at a local swimming pool, be able to complete a 300m swim, tread water for 3 minutes and exit the water without assistance.

4. We strongly recommend some previous rowing experience in order to make the best use of time on the water.

5. Whilst the Club has insurance for the boats and indemnity insurance, we do not cover insurance for individuals when using the Club facilities, equipment, and boats. It is the responsibility of the individual to take out personal accident/life insurance.

6. Access to the Club Boat House is only available to Club members during pre-booked training sessions.

7. Apart from orientation sessions, a boat can only be taken on to the water by Club members once a team has been formed from Club members.
8. The boat Skipper must hold minimum Day Skipper (RYA or equivalent) qualification.

9. Before taking a boat on the water a team must undertake a minimum of a day’s instruction and familiarisation in the boat, its equipment and safety, which will be carried out at the Clubs boat house by a person with the relevant knowledge within the Club.

10. Once all the above are met a boat can be taken out for an experience day, but must remain in Cat 6 waters (within 3 miles of port in favourable weather and only during the hours of daylight). It must return to the same location it was launched from for recovery, and meet the required tide times for launch and recovery for the boat. If a boat is not returned to its required recovery location a charge will be made for retrieving the boat.

11. Any damage sustained to the boat, its kit and equipment will be charged on the day to the individual / team that caused the damage. Kit and equipment is expensive and needs to be handled with appropriate care.

12. If at any stage a Club Trustee or a Club member nominated by the trustees wish to accompany a team in a boat on the water, the team must accept this. If they do not, the boat does not go on the water.

13. The only tracking systems allowed to be fitted to the boats are ones already in place, or ones the Club fits for races / challenges (ie YB Tracking). If teams want to fit their own, they must be authorised by the Club.

14. Should any Club member bring the Club into disrepute in anyway when in a marina or on the water they will not be allowed the use of a Club boat or the Club facilities again.

15. The cost for a day on the water in a Club boat, once all the above have been met, and if the team have not signed up and paid the initial (non refundable) deposit for entry into one of the Club Races or a Rowing Race which the trustees find acceptable to be entered, will be at the annual day rate.

Terms and Conditions

By signing up for membership you agree that you will comply with the Requirements laid out in 'Terms and Conditions'.